Miner firmware via microSD.

1. Download file SD S9 MINING.AG
2. Format SD Card
3. Unzip the contents of the downloaded .zip archive to MicroSD. MicroSD card size must be no more than:
  • 16 GB for S9, S9i, S9j
Larger cards may cause errors when flashing the control board
4. Disconnect the miner from the network, remove and completely disconnect the control board from power, hash boards, Ethernet network 
5. You will need to short the pins on it to flash via MicroSD, as shown in this photo

JUMPER MICROSD – position of jumpers T9+ and S9, S9i, S9j for loading via MicroSD (recovery)

6. Now you can insert the MicroSD card into the control board slot and connect the board to power. Make sure the card is inserted correctly – on some MicroSD control boards, the slot may be upside down.

7. Wait for the red and green LEDs next to the Ethernet port to blink continuously. This will happen in about 60 seconds and will mean that the board can be disconnected from the power – the firmware via MicroSD is completed. – turning off the power, return the jumpers to their previous position and assemble the miner back

JUMPER NORMAL – position of jumpers T9+ and S9, S9i, S9j for normal boot (mining)

8. Your control board is completely cleaned of the old firmware and settings, it has the latest firmware from MINING.AG installed, in this firmware you cannot change the pool settings, you only need to change the worker, this is done because we are aggregating power on our server MINING.AG! Some firmware functionality is not working yet, we continue to improve our probact