We are The Mining Aggregator

We are a team of crypto enthusiasts, techies, programmers and just fans of our
business. Our company has been developing blockchain, data processing and AI
solutions for over 10 years, serving large companies and private clients.

In the process of working on the next project, our blockchain developers and
programmers managed to develop and set up the operation of the Bitcoin mining
algorithm, which allows you to increase the hashrate of the equipment (so far
only Antminer S9) by 3.5!!! times without increasing power consumption.

This result was achieved thanks to the unique firmware and engine of the pool
itself, which is essentially an aggregator of mining power, which is distributed
evenly among several third-party pools without losing hashrate.
To date, we have been able to apply this technology only on Bitmain’s Antminer
S9 series equipment. But we are working on the possibility of using the
technology for more modern ASIC devices.

These are quite expensive developments that require a considerable amount of
time and resources. In particular, the more hashrate MINING.AG aggregates, the more
our data center computing power is needed to make this hashrate more
profitable. Therefore, we decided to share this opportunity with other miners for
a certain one-time fee from each connected 50Th. At the same time, we do not
charge any additional fees in the mining process